Join George Whitney each week as he speaks with people making a difference in emergency management. They talk about what works, what doesn't, how to work efficiently, and how to get it done with maximum effect.



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#73 Ronda Oberlin - Improving Public Preparedness


Many emergency managers agree programs need to invest more in public preparedness, but deciding how to make the best investments is tough. Designing a program that takes into account large, almost infinitely diverse populations seems impossible using a traditional approach. In this episode, we hear from an emergency manager and enthusiastic researcher who wants to change the way we engage the public to better prepare for disaster.


#72 Barb Graff - EMAP

If someone were to survey emergency managers and ask "what do emergency managers do?", chances are the answers would still vary quite a bit, but that's been changing. Since 2003, the Emergency Management Accreditation Program has been very explicit about what emergency management programs must complete to be accredited. In this episode, Barb Graff, Director of Seattle's Office of Emergency Management and EMAP Commissioner explains the standard, the process of accreditation and how the program is changing the profession.

#71 Beth Zimmerman - Disaster Recovery

Most emergency managers understand that disaster recovery involves a lot more than SBA and FEMA assistance, yet few local programs have developed a recovery plan. Indeed, planning for recovery requires a lot of consideration, but there's tools and an approach that can greatly simplify the overall effort. In this episode, we talk about recovery with a former FEMA Associate Administrator charged with developing a national strategy for disaster recovery.