Join George Whitney each week as he speaks with people making a difference in emergency management. They talk about what works, what doesn't, how to work efficiently, and how to get it done with maximum effect.



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#75 Art Botterell - Emergency Messaging

In light of recent emergency messaging failures, it's time to ask...what's happening? Do local and state jurisdictions indeed have a duty to warn the public of emergency? If so, how are emergency managers impacted or otherwise bound to this duty? What can they do to make alert and warning more effective? In this and a subsequent episode, we explore these and other questions with a world-renowned expert in emergency messaging.

#74 Patrick Crawford - Feeding America

Emergency managers have a lot to think about and, fortunately, have a large network of partners with which to consider risk, disaster needs and effective means of service delivery. One of those partners is the local food bank and their associated food pantries. Each day they're working to reduce hunger and food insecurity in communities across the US. In this episode, we speak with the director of disaster services for a nationwide network of food banks to hear more about what they do and how emergency managers can foster better partnerships in response and recovery.

#73 Ronda Oberlin - Improving Public Preparedness


Many emergency managers agree programs need to invest more in public preparedness, but deciding how to make the best investments is tough. Designing a program that takes into account large, almost infinitely diverse populations seems impossible using a traditional approach. In this episode, we hear from an emergency manager and enthusiastic researcher who wants to change the way we engage the public to better prepare for disaster.