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Join George Whitney each week as he speaks with people making a difference in emergency management. They talk about what works, what doesn't, how to work efficiently, and how to get it done with maximum effect.



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#59 Josh Filler - Federal Fiscal Policy Insights

For this second of two episodes focused on Federal emergency management and homeland security funding, we hear from another veteran of such matters. Josh Filler was a legislative affairs director and office chief of staff in the NYC Mayor Giuliani administration before becoming the Director of State and Local Programs at the brand new Department of Homeland Security under President Bush. He continues to monitor and assess federal fiscal policy changes and their programatic impacts as he works with a number of states and UASIs. For us, he shares his assessment of the FY17 and FY18 budgets.

#58 Tim Manning - Federal EM Fiscal Policy

"Traditional normal" and "the new up is flat" are examples of terms and sayings used to express what's been happening to the U.S. Federal Government budget... stuff that's been far from normal for some time. With so much local and state success in emergency management riding on grants like EMPG, HSGP, PDM and others, we brought back old friend and former FEMA Deputy Administrator to discuss federal funding vehicles, processes and outcomes.  

#57 Vinny Mata - Consolidated Law and Fire


Patrol officers putting on turn-outs, SCBAs and performing hose lays? Firefighters being held-over to secure perimeters and look for suspects? Qualifying at the range behind the fire apparatus bay? It's all part of consolidated fire and law operations at the Sunnyvale, California, Public Safety Department. In this episode, we learn how this happened and why it remains 60 years later.