Emergency managers must complete fundamental program work and engage program stakeholders effectively. Unfortunately, the typical emergency manager is responsible for over 150 separate program outcomes and good relationships are not easy to establish and maintain. With this much important work to accomplish, conventional tools and methods are insufficient.

Complete EM® offers a toolbox of products and services that helps you fulfill your program requirements:

  • Assessing hazards, elements, capabilities, and relationships
  • Maintaining awareness of events, news, and program requirements
  • Communicating with leadership, staff, and other stakeholders
  • Organizing priorities, strategy, work flow, and schedule
  • Managing projects, tasks, relationships, and budgets
  • Developing documents
  • Conducting research
  • Getting help
  • Staying connected with the emergency management community

Complete EM® is a first-in-class software solution that supports each of these activities and many more. It helps you determine how your program is doing, how it can be improved, and what steps are necessary to accomplish the outcomes you want. In most cases, it even provides you the solution to a particular program development challenge. You simply login and use the tool you need or follow a program development process created just for you. We take care of tying all the relevent information together and keep track of your progress for you.

Whichever path you choose, you'll be able to work from almost any Internet-connected device and make measurable progress with each login.

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